Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Monday, June 18, 2007

things come in 3's

my mom has always said that things, both good and bad, come in 3's. it makes sense because some of the greatest and worst punk bands of all times have three members, mxpx and green day respectively. 3 is a great soccer number, but a crappy starting hand in black jack, or so i 've heard. regardless, annie and i have enjoyed a good three lately.
  1. day after our last doctor visit, annie had her gestational diabetes test. apparently it is not a fun test, you have to fast for 8 hours, then go to the doctor's office, drink what amounts to fruit punch concentrate, wait around and hour, then have blood drawn. (one more reason i am glad i cannot get pregnant.) annie's initial test indicated that she had high glucose levels, so she had to go in for a second, longer test, which was bad, but the results were that she did not have gestational diabetes, which is good thing number one.
  2. a few days later she went to the doctor's for a check up, and they measured her weight and belly size, both of which were "perfect". this was not a word we had heard so far this pregnancy, and we rejoiced in the new found vocabulary. plus it undeniably confirms what i have known all along: my wife is a perfectly cute pregnant lady.
  3. 5 days after the perfect check up, we had another sonogram to check on annie's amniotic fluid levels and her contractions, both of which normal, with no cause for concern. as an added bonus, the sonogram tech that was with us said she thought his palate was not involved since she thought she saw all the teeth buds lined up with no gaps in between. it is funny how much our perspective has changed since finding out about his cleft. at first his lip seemed like a huge deal, now if that is the only thing involved we will dance jig in the streets.
it is weird to be still so in between, not knowing exactly what will happen, having hopes, but not wanting to get too excited, lest our expectations be dashed. d-day is approximately two months away, getting closer every second, yet not nearly fast enough as far as my wife is concerned. for now we are reveling in the san diego summer, and loving our 3.


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