Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Thursday, February 28, 2008

lots of fun visitors make for a happy baby

spent some time with michelle and brent while they were in town.

modeling at old navy

loved all the pirate stuff at the toy store

i can't wait to meet the newest laforge. she'll be here in no time.

andy came to town and met me for the first time.

me and uncle casey

mom's old friend from high school, ryan, was in town from denver. he gave us some great health advice.

i love to eat!

my first shower... i think i prefer a bath.

i spent the day at grammy's while mom and auntie were in L.A. at...

regis and kelly! mom's dream come true.

i am breaking in my padre hat. get ready grandpa.

that's all for now.

Monday, February 18, 2008

still sick, but having fun

daddy hit some garage sales with grammy and found me my first pair of snowboard boots. i don't think they'll fit till i am a little older. mom hopes a lot older.
we also celebrated gammy and grauntie's birthday. the funny thing is they gave me presents for their birthday. i know, i am lucky kid.

my gift to them was the fact that i can officially roll over.

some of mom's good friends from high school all got together for lunch with some of their kids. the ermanis family was visiting from NYC. we loved meeting autumn. what a cutie.

my friend jayden and i like to swap doctor stories and so do our moms.

uncle derek came to visit me. he showed me some soccer tricks and i showed him my rolling over trick.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

6 months!

lots to do when you're 6 months old...

dinner out with grammy and grandpa

walking with cameron and hayden

got you aunt beth

grammy, i love you! thanks for watching me this week.

i got an early valentine's gift... my favorite socks

thanks grammy!

grammy, why all the tummy time?

grammy got me rolling over. i don't like to do it for mom and dad.

6 month check up. i am getting to be a real pro at this dr. visit thing.

auntie, you want a kiss?

thanks for the valentine autumn. see you soon.

dad and i hanging out while mom was in class

i did steal mommy's heart. she says daddy stole it first, but i am ok with that.

happy valentine's day! with love from the montgomerys

qupid is a fraud

today is isaac's six month birthday, which gives me far more reason to celebrate that some holiday hallmark made up by pillaging and defiling romance in order to sell pink. don't worry, i still love my wife, enough not to spend our hard earned money on flowers that cost three times what they are worth.

this morning at his check up appointment we learned he has put on 3 pounds in the past two months, putting him in the dead center of the statistical average at the 50th percentile for weight, way up from the 10th percentile two months ago. he is also at the 55th in head circumference and 75th in length. dr. schmotty assures us all is well, and i once again feel we are the recipients of blessing and love no card could ever capture.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

my kid can kick the crap out of your honor student

remember third grade? things were pretty good then: a capri sun in your lunch could make your week, kickball was still cool, and the only argument you were typically given to was whose dad could beat up whose. you could debate this topic all week long, and when it came right down to it you knew the duel would never actually come to fruition, but you were certain that if it ever did your dad would in fact win the fight.

i have realized lately that this comparison gets completely flipped on its head the second you become a parent. no longer is it about your parents, but about your children. usually these questions go like this, "is your kid ________ yet?" fill in the blank with whatever you like: sleeping through the night, eating solid foods, crawling, or speaking fluent french.

my reaction to these questions has been twofold:

1) i have a tendency to get defensive. i somehow feel threatened by the inquiry, that if my son isn't as advanced as every other kid on the planet, somehow i am a failure as a parent. that if their kid is smarter, more athletic or better looking than mine, they are somehow smarter, more athletic or better looking than me. not that all parents are so smug, but the proliferation of "my kid is a honor student at such and such elementary" bumper stickers tells me some are.

2) i also realize that beneath the defensiveness there is fear. fear that if my kid isn't developing like he should, there might be something wrong with him. never mind the fact that by the time two years old rolls around most kids are all doing the same things, if mine isn't rolling over and doing back flips by 6 months there must be something life threatening. obviously i am still working on living out of hope and not fear.

isaac is killer, he for sure is learning to do things like roll over, and possibly learning to wave goodbye and sign words like milk. or maybe not. either way, he is way better than your kid.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

caught the croup

mom and dad have been making me practice all these crazy things like sitting...

... and standing.

as it turns out all this practicing wore me out and i am thinking it's the reason i caught croup.

after grammy and mom took me to the doctor, dad stayed home with me and we had our own super bowl party.


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