Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Thursday, July 18, 2013

the good stuff

 summer is our time.  our time to do whatever we want without a schedule!  my personality loves summer and it's freedom.  it's not as easy to get around with 4 but we've made it work and i can honestly say it's not as hard as i anticipated.  much to my surprise, this summer has shaped up to be pretty dang great.  there's nothing like a lot of sun and a lot of water.  i was made for this kind of living:)

 a typical morning in our house looks a lot like this... yep, that's an empty butter box on the ground.  just noticed that. 

 asher(over a year ago) wearing my favorite shirt ...
 noah now wears it...
 asher has become a full on jumper/swimmer! 

 ryder has found a new love for diving.  reminding him we only dive into the deep end has become my new found task. 

 scuba steve continues to make an appearance.  i seriously can't get enough of these fins and goggles!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

june 22nd... big day

 the boys were certain they wanted to play tee ball and so we gave it a shot.  turns out, they LOVE it!  miracle!  when we tried soccer, they loved the water breaks:)  i am thinking this coach is the reason for their change of heart.  he is awesome!  it doesn't hurt to have friends on the team either.

 apparently this guy heard me talking trash about he doesn't roll or anything.  as soon as we returned from tee ball, he rolled!  ha!

 june 22nd not only marked the first day of tball, noah rolling, but also 39 years of marriage for these old guys!
 we all headed to shannon and susan's for an evening of dinner and swimming!

del mar fair 2013

oh my goodness, we love the fair!  we love the photo booth, the food, the animals, the bands, but most of all, the excitement.  our kids were giddy for days and i loved that.  we were thrilled that my parents went to the fair on the same day and willingly joined us in our venture through the crowds of fun.   


thank you mom and auntie for the fun fair money!

slip n slide

 the boys have spent many a days on the slip n slide!  thank you auntie for the fabulous gift and entertainment!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

tara livesay on momastery

many of my friends love  glennon doyle melton's blog, momastery.  i have read it a couple of times and enjoyed it, but in all honesty i haven't been a big blog follower these days.  blame it on the lack of sleep or lack of effort, but truly our computer is by noah's crib and i rarely like to chance waking a sleeping baby.  however, i do follow tara livesay on instagram and i try to keep tabs on their blog and the ministry they have with the women in haiti.  she has a hysterical outlook on life and i love the way she portrays their family- with a grain of salt.  yesterday momastery hosted tara and her story.  what a sweet story of redemption and hope.  i had to share it!   

aunt letha

 my aunt letha came to visit from MN.  she had a conference in san francisco, but took the time to spend a few days with us first.  it was her first time meeting noah.  he was a fan:) and so are the rest of our boys!
 we ventured to the beach... with way too much stuff.  especially when the lifeguard waits until you have your umbrella up and and all your crap unpacked and then tells you to move down 100 yards.  talk about an adventure!  that was the last time i'll be taking an umbrella.
 my mom and her sisters

asher and finn.  
asher refers to finn as "my buddy finn."  and he talks about finn every time we say the word friend.  
 i do not get tired of holding this sweet boy. 
 aunt letha was introduced to bug hunting, rock collecting and water guns... and she was a good sport.

 my mom pointed out that we would not be the best guests at the dinner for her cousins and great aunts... too much activity.  weird that she thinks that about our 4 boys;) no problem, we crashed the high school swim party!  our boys loved it!  and yes, we will be crashing every wednesday night this summer.  
 we did pop over to say hi, but left quickly.
aunt letha, we love you!  thank you for taking the time to come visit! 


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