Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Thursday, June 27, 2013

4 months of noah

 sweet baby noah, i could just eat you up.  you are past your colic and truly a pleasant baby.  you have a sweet demeanor.  we love that you tolerate and maybe even enjoy all the kissing and holding.  you have started to really "talk" and laugh.  we think you're pretty talented;)  you have 3 big brothers rooting you on every day- how great is that?! you love to be held and you usually are.  you have started sleep training in the day and you are a great little napper.  thank you!  you are currently weighing in at 17.1 lbs and 27" long.  you have graduated out of all the baby clothes.  i am a bit sad about this.  knowing you are my last baby makes me want to stop and really soak you up.  i am so grateful you are flexible and don't mind the daily dragging from park, to pick up to the pool or errands.  we just think you are the sweetest little guy.  i am so grateful we get to celebrate 4 months of your life.  you are loved.

on the home front

 hosted a little clothing/shoe/jewelry swap which was a lot of fun for me.  might even make this an annual event!

 a few days shy of 4 months. 
you never know which super hero you'll run into at our place. 

preschool promotion

both boys had a little 30 minute promotion in their classes. 

 isaac's class had a little bell performance before their teacher read their end of the year booklet.

we celebrated the big promotions with a little ice cream!

catching up...again!

 labor day at my parents
 why is this so our life??

 celebrating the amanda, the graduate!
 legoland water park opened and we enjoyed!

 thanks to karen's awesome tip we bought 1500 ladybugs(not sure there were really that many) for $10 at armstrong.  amazing entertainment for the afternoon!
 tried out the bumbo in the bath.  this took two parents and one flexible child.

 finished swim to john lessons and celebrated with new goggles and diving sticks!

said goodbye to 10" of hair!   yikes my hair feels/looks short!

free icee day at rita's

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


thankful is the word that comes to mind when i think of our dear friends.  thankful they drove down from fresno.  thankful they have children that model great kindness and inclusiveness for our boys.  thankful that we have stayed so close all these years.  thankful that i get a glimpse at the heart of Jesus when they're around. thankful. thankful. thankful.

 the boys woke up to the cousins and the fun got started!
 thanks to friends and family we were able to spend the 2 days at legoland and sea life.  thank you for sharing your guest passes!  such a treat!
10 kids and 4 adults took on the land of legos!

 saturday morning my mom popped over with this new garage sale find!  we love a good deal in this family:) 
 stew was in mexico for the rest of the weekend, building a house with a team from our church.  he had a great time, but missed out on the rest of our time together.  

manhandling the starfish.  too bad about the two finger only rule.  whose kid is this anyway???

 my mom and isaac had a plan to get our favorite "ice cream" from swirls for the cousins.  it was a success.  thanks mom!
 peeked around the corner to find these two reading a book.  asher was in heaven! 

i can honestly say it was easier to have 10 kids in our house than it is to have 4.  maybe it's because i love chaos, but honestly the older ones watch out for the littles. 
 i loved it!!


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