Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, August 18, 2013

6 months of noah

6 months of our sweet noah!

august 11th marked 6 months of your life.  you continue to be a sweet baby.  i still get up with you in the night which is the less than sweet part, but i am not willing to make you cry it out.  you're much too fun to cuddle in the night, even when i am exhausted.  you wear your hip brace almost 23 hours a day and i can't wait to be done with it--- neither can you!  they said you'd be used to it in 3 days.  you still hate when we put it on.  the brace has slowed you down a bit, but you continue to surprise us.  you can sit for a bit but eventually end up sucking on your toes.  rolling isn't something you do often due to the brace, but it makes it easier to leave you on the bed.  you continue to smile a lot and let the brothers smother you with their kisses and hugs.  you prefer to be held, probably because you like to look around.  you've really started chewing on your hands--  we're not sure if you're teething.  you are currently weighing in at 20.13 lbs.  holding you has become a serious arm workout and a minor back injury.  i absolutely love your sweet and gentle spirit.  the way snuggle in close and lay your head on my chest is a favorite.  i am so grateful for you and the 6 months you've been with us.  i love you!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

big bear 2013

 last thursday we were off to big bear with the montgomerys or at least some of the montgomerys.  stew found this place online and was certain it would be awesome.  turns out the boys loved it!  daddy and crazy uncle james loved it as well. 

 unfortunately due to gas or something we didn't see a lot of this smile on the trip.

 behind our cabin was a lot of land and a dried up creek.  we found this heart made of pine cones and the boys decide to add their own creations to it. 

 second year of hitting up the lake to drive a boat!

 he was a bit nervous at first.

 i spent the boat ride with noah asleep on the front of me.  not a bad way to spend the hour.

 we didn't catch any fish but derek did catch his hat after it flew into the lake.

 and the one on the far right was 3 days in without a nap and completely acting his 2 year old age!!

 crazy uncles
 taken by asher.
 please note the bump on asher's head.  he and ryder had it out on the stairs and down asher went.

 the day before, asher went missing for a few minutes, the longest few minutes of my life.  we did find him down behind the house.  i was sick about it!  i probably aged 10 years in those 5+ minutes.

 the whole gang!

a little scootering before hitting the road.  


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