Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, November 28, 2010

weekend fun

saturday we headed back to legoland to sell passes, but didn't stay long since it was cold and crowded. we decided to head over to costco(a family favorite). the boys ate their way through the store as usual. i seriously don't know where they put all this food. once the boys were full we headed home to spend some time with the jacksons.
the boys were smitten with kayla. she is such a little honey! ryder even gave her all of his favorite bugs and fish... true love.
today we went by the forum to see the tree. little did we know that santa(same one as last year) was there and ready to hear the boys' wish list. ryder was thrilled to see santa(this year), but then froze when santa asked what he wanted. isaac, on the other hand, busted out his desire for a big tractor.

daddy joined us on his way home from church and we happened to run into my dad as well. we all took a horse drawn carriage ride. so great!
we are ready for grammy and auntie bonnie to come home and join us in all these christmas festivities.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

christmas is here

isaac and i dropped our car off at the forum in the afternoon and found that the horse carriage rides had started. isaac loved riding in the carriage! he even got to pet the horse at the end. such a fun little treat in the middle of the day.
the day after thanksgiving we head to the forum christmas tree lighting to kick off the christmas season in style. i love that we get to join friends and family outside as the tree lights up and santa arrives. it doesn't hurt that there is tons of free food to be had and friends running around everywhere.
the countdown to the lighting...

stephanie, calvin and carson

last year the huffman crew was a couple of weeks away from welcoming their sweet addison.

these boys have been looking at this tree for the past couple weeks, anticipating the lighting of it.

black friday

after a little shopping we all headed back to legoland.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

so much to be thankful for

wednesday night we did some last minute shopping. check out my great helper!

rise and shine! time for oceanside's 2010 turkey trot. it was in the 30s when we got up but by the end of the race it had warmed up a bit. i am proud to say that i jogged SLOWLY the whole way. a huge feat for me:) when i was pregnant with ryder i was on bed rest by this point. i am so grateful for a much easier pregnancy.

everyone got medals
we ran by legoland to sell our extra buddy passes. we have made $1110 in two weeks and just in time to pay for our $900 sonogram bill and my $500 dental bill.
stuffed my first turkey- my mom did all the nasty stuff before she left for MN.

thanksgiving dinner

grandma chris brought over cupcakes to decorate like turkeys. my two turkeys were more excited about the frosting and candy than anything else.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

islands and goodbyes

tonight we headed to islands with aunt bonnie. the boys LOVE islands. it's always a little surprising how much food they can throw down when we eat there. we also had to say good bye to grammy and auntie bonnie since they are flying to MN tomorrow morning. our life long friend, sarah is getting married on saturday and they will be there to celebrate as she walks down the aisle. tears were shed as the goodbyes were said. we sure will miss them on thanksgiving and at the tree lighting the day after turkey day. fortunately we'll all have great stories to swap when they return. i am hoping they don't freeze(14 degrees and snowing) to death this time of year in MN. yikes!


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