Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

t minus 6 weeks

so yesterday we went in for what will probably be our last sonogram with isaac, and the tech gave us a few more pictures (which i felt we deserved for as many trips as we've made), including the one above. it is crazy how much he looks like a real kid now, chubby cheeks, hand across his mouth, eyes closed. apparently he has hair too, the tech saw it as he floated around in the fluid. he is weighing 4lbs. 12oz. and should be here well within two months. annie would love to get him out as soon as he is ready, for she is very uncomfortable. our obgyn is the self declared king of taking kids early, and he will make the pull as soon as he is "ripe". i am not sure how i feel about our doctor referring to our kid as fruit, but i am getting more excited about the fact that he is almost here, which is good b/c about a week ago i was kinda freaking out. i am sure that will never happen again....


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