Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

pool and play

 charlotte and noah had their first dip in the pool.   thanks auntie paige!

 it was so hot out, he loved getting in!
 ryder giving us his best underwater dance moves.
another pool day!  we are trying to squeeze as much swimming in as possible.  thank you for having us over susan!

 a new favorite photo.

 stew's cousin, denise, made the trek to visit us and meet our boys.  it was a great time for our crew.
fortunately she's a mom of boys and understands...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

grandparents day???

who knew there was a grandparents day in the beginning of september?!  ugh.  i failed, but fortunately my mom in true to form fashion didn't seem to care.  she said, "well it's a good thing i was watching the boys this afternoon.  i got to see them."  i hope i act like that when i am her age!  all that to say, we have some great grandparents in our lives and we are spoiled with a lot of love.

beginning of september

 noah and charlotte had a little playdate.

 labor day was well spent!
 rocco doesn't kid around about his friends.
good times with these 4 at the ENT for isaac's follow up!

7 months of noah

sweet boy, you are getting so big!  you weigh in at 21 lbs! you still don't sleep through the night and you have now starting to act like you might want to crawl.  we have taken your hip brace off-- you're hips aren't fully better, but you can't sleep or function with it on.  that means the rest of us aren't sleeping or functioning with it on.  goodbye brace, hello hip replacement(at 50+years old).  you are starting to teeth and cry to let us know how much pain you are in.  we feel awful.  you are such a sweet baby but have been in a lot of pain.  we look forward to seeing those teeth!  the brothers still love to cuddle, kiss and hug you A LOT!  you are big enough to handle it, but we still have to remind them that you are a baby.  we love you!

ryder's off to preschool!

 ryder's first day of preschool was in the second week of September.  he was excited to say the least!

Monday, September 23, 2013

one week down!

 we celebrated the end of our first week of kindergarten with some school friends and a slip n slide followed by a campout with daddy.  

we capped our weekend with a visit from catherine and ryann!  such a treat!
can anyone spot the two year old?


 my sweet 6 year old started kinder!   i was dreading it!  i love a flexible schedule and mornings where we can do whatever we want.  school ends that!  this will come as no surprise to many, but i am not a school person---too much structure!  fortunately isaac is doing well!  it was a huge plus to have friends at the same school and even a few in the same class.  it's those little things that make a big difference.

 i was tempted to stay longer , but my sister told me not to be that mom.  her exact words were something like, "don't be the last mom to leave!"  i am proud to say i wasn't.
 and this is what i saw at the end of the day:)
 asher could not contain himself.  as isaac walked out to gather his stuff asher ran up and hugged him.  melt my heart.  this mom loves catching those little moments. 
and then we walked home and enjoyed a little sees candy thanks to amanda!

and that makes him 6!

once the party was over we decided to go see planes!  isaac was a little hesitant with the dark theater, but eventually ended up loving it.  

thanks for the fun treat gaga!
auntie took us all out to dinner to celebrate isaac's birthday and the beginning of kindergarten!

this boys celebrated the whole day!  we all went to bed tired :)


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