Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

happy valentine's day!

valentine's day was a day of seeing our grandmas!  

and the day after was filled with puddle jumping!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

a little party of sorts

we celebrated valentines with a few friends at a local park.  it was low key and just enough that our boys felt like they had been to a party.  isaac continues to greet us with "happy valentine's day!"

i didn't even keep track of all the sugar he consumed.  let's just say i rarely saw him without something in his mouth. 

isaac had a little cookie with his sprinkles. 

after many had left, we tried a group photo.  it's totally funny to watch the moms organize the kids and jump around for a smile.  i am sure when they're older it will be great to look back.  who am i kidding, i always love when all the moms rally to get the kids to sit and smile(as if it's even a possibility).

asher skipped the party to play with gaga (thanks, mom!).  crazy how much easier it is when i am not CHASING a one year old all over God's green earth!

we are currently planning a little easter party and hope to have all our local friends there.  if you are interested in joining in the fun, shoot me an email so i can get you the info.  the more the merrier!  here's a little glimpse at last year's easter party.  hope to have all there! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

happy birthday bradley!

bradley turned 3!  february 11th we made our way to the mattingly pad for a celebration of this birthday boy.  the boys had a blast, as did we.  happy birthday little hunky!

can you even handle this amazing cake?!  their very talented friend janelle, is a fabulous cake artist!

happy birthday to you...

bradley stuffed his mouth as quickly as he could tear the fondant off the cake!  oh how i love kids!

julie, cindy and evan- such a a sweet relationship between mom and daughters:)

this character hit the 13 month mark!  i'd like to add that he might be our most active child yet.  if you know our boys, you know what a big statement this is!  

Sunday, February 19, 2012

newlywed game takes north county

a few days before valentine's, we joined some friends for a  "newlywed game" party.  paige and frank hosted a lovely evening of fun!  after we hung out, eating the men's favorite appetizers(lots of chips and dips!)and drinking the women's favorite drinks, the men went with paige and the gals with frank.  everyone was given a game board to record their answers.  there were 11 questions that we had to know about our spouse and/or what our spouse would say about us.  too much fun!  we howled once we all got back together to go through our answers(i might have falsely answered about my ideal romantic date/dinner.   i thought i would like an expensive dinner, but stew was right, i would usually prefer a low key evening at the beach.  to my credit, i am not a big romantic.  the word romantic just throws me off.   stew is still talking about the fact that he knows me better than i know myself.) and yes, they kept score!  melissa and andy(close call with the huffys) won first place while eric and karen took the hard earned last - both walking away with prizes.  way to go teams!  thank you frank and paige!

there was a candy bar that was full of my favorites!   

true to form!

 answer sheets.  see if you can't guess the questions.

legoland love

a little over a week ago we headed to legoland for a family day.  

first time driving the cars. 

airplane spotting.

ran into friends!  karen was on kid watch(thank you!) while stew and i took our older boys on the planes.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

super bowl

the super bowl doesn't mean too much in our family, aside from the fact that we get to hang with friends, eat great food and have a good time.  i must admit i love to watch the half time show, especially when it features madonna:)
 thank you friends for hosting!  we all had a blast!  

can you tell isaac enjoyed the food?  

Monday, February 13, 2012

happy birthday jamie!

a little over a week ago we gathered to celebrate a friend who goes out of her way to help others,  make people laugh and help all enjoy life.  i love jamie and her sweet spirit.  it was a total treat to celebrate her life as we painted, sipped wine and ate the most delicious dessert(thank you christine!)!  happy birthday, friend!

this is what this ridiculous dessert(made by amanda's amazing mom)looked like before we tore into it like we might never see food again.  

the two are the sweetest best friends.  it's fun to watch them care for each other, always speaking highly of the other.   
birthday girl 
birthday girl got a little crazy with the paint! 
like i said, we thought we might never see food again!  


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