Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, March 29, 2009

time keeps on slipping

it is funny to watch isaac try to grasp at concepts that are beyond him. last night during his bath time, i was pouring water from a bottle to his molded bath tub, in a small but steady stream. isaac seemed transfixed by the sight, and kept trying to pinch the trickle between his thumb and his forefinger, unable to understand why he could not grab onto what seemed to be a solid grouping of matter. we kept at it for like 10 minutes, and i think his mind was utterly blown.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

clara in "one-derland"

today drew and heather celebrated the first year of clara's life and we got to join in the festivities.

isaac liked the cupcakes almost as much as he likes clara.

bradley and ryder relaxing after a hard day at the office.

a family affair

isaac with the birthday girl, but where did that mystery arm come from?

megan and ryder meet at long last.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

while daddy was away we did...

 play with clara at the park...

spend a couple of hours with grandma chris and aunt beth...

jump on grandpa's computer...

hit "kids day at the park" ...

win prizes with cameron and hayden...

play in the bubbles...

make it to toys "r" us for our new, free train.

 a HUGE thank you to my mom!  she helped us all weekend, even with a broken toe.

i should add that stew was away at an emergent church conference with a couple of friends.  he had a great time  and we were glad he was able to get away.  isaac missed him almost as much as i did.  two of the three nights, isaac woke up looking for his dad.  clearly he missed his father. stew does so much for each of us and it was even more evident while he was gone.  isaac and ryder are putting him up for father of the year!  i couldn't agree more.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

luck o' the irish

we dressed our leprechauns in green yesterday. please note the shirts say "i've got the world's greatest dad".


we also ended up at barnes and noble where isaac got the thomas track all to himself. a lucky day indeed.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

how to win friends...

we finally got to meet bradley douglas mattingly

"mom, what is this kid doing on me?"

isaac wanted in on the action

nudie on the treadmill

eskimo ryder in the bumbo with mismatching socks

grauntie came on saturday and hung out while mom and dad went to a potluck

grandma and papa came to hang out on monday to give mom and dad some time out of the house

life continues to accelerate at an alarming rate. isaac turned 19 months on saturday, and ryder is 3 months on wednesday. would someone stop the bus?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

so sexy it hurts

our friend courtney bought isaac these hysterical boxer briefs. it reminded me of the right said fred song. if you have not heard it, you were not alive during the 90's.

tonight annie and i were noting how isaac's vocabulary (both in sign and in speech) seems to have exploded in the past few weeks. he is learning new words all the time, and using them consistently. he loves the new signing video he has been watching, and is always asking for "ee-ah" (leah). we think he is pretty smart, but then again he stuck his hand in the toilet (again) this morning, so he is obviously not a total genius.

ryder is well, but has gotten a bit fussier lately, especially when he is not being held. i think he is starting to become a little more aware of other people, and is starting to want their attention. when he has it, he is a super smiley kid, and is starting to coo like a mad man...when i say that he is "starting to coo like a mad man" i mean he is starting to coo a lot, not that he mutters things like "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy". just to clarify.

the general happiness and health of my family, although the way i prefer it, also seems violently unfair this week. as you may have read, jacob passed away on saturday night. i am sure there are no words for his parents, as i can imagine you want to simultaneously scream, cry, swear and vomit before you collapse in a heap of emotional wreckage. my only prayer is that they have space to grieve well and an awareness of a Comforter beyond words.

pool time

catching some rays

Sunday, March 1, 2009

jacob met jesus

thank you for praying for jacob bradley regier and his family.  jacob went to be with jesus on february 28th at 8:50 pm.  please continue to pray for his twin brother, sawyer, and his mom and dad, arja and brad.  


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