Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, January 28, 2012

san diego in january

this past week has been filled with faces like this.  fortunately, we have turned a serious corner!
yesterday isaac and i skipped quiet time and went for a walk.  what a treat to get that one on one time.  i sometimes worry that our kids are will look back on their years at home and think they were more of a traveling pack rather than an individual on the go.  let's hope they block out any and all bad memories!  ha!

we took our shears and got busy stealing cleaning up the overgrown rosemary around the park. 
i seriously LOVE san diego in january!  ok, i love it year round.
this character was too cold to play in the pool and made it very clear.  fortunately, i think he still managed to have a decent time.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

bad trade

this is a glimpse of what a typical afternoon looks like in the montgomery house, rather outside of the montgomery house. 

unfortunately we've traded these smiles in for...

...more(and i do mean a lot more!) vomit and diarrhea.  seriously! this picture was actually taken at the target parking lot, on january 1st, when ryder threw up for what we hoped would be the last time for many years to come.  as life would have it, less than 3 weeks later, we are back with the loss of bodily fluids.  if you're thinking, they should've got their flu shots!  the pediatrician says it's not the "flu," but rather the stomach virus.  believe me, i asked the doc as i was cursing my own name for not marching us all in for those dang shots.  all that to say, we have this lovely little "stomach virus" that is soon to be making it's way through our home.  come on by, we've got plenty to share;)
victim #1
victim #2
he spent most of his waking hours fussing and crying while victim #1 reminded me several hundred a few times that his tummy hurt.  it was a glorious day that might have included a phone call to stew to let him know that i wanted to quit my job.  he's a good man and knew that a quick trip home to give me a 45 minute break, might be enough to keep me on the payroll.  he was right. amazing what 45 minutes of alone time will do for the soul!
   truth be told, we have been spoiled with amazing family and friends who have showered us with food, a listening ear and magazines.  thank you all!  in the midst of this minor(seems kinda major when you're in it, but don't all first world problems?;)) obstacle, we have felt loved and that's the greatest.

any guesses on
victim #3??

Monday, January 23, 2012

flu round two

just wrote my dear friend a quick message before bed...

"ryder has the flu for the second time in a month! he has been throwing up with diarrhea since saturday! off to the doctor tomorrow. oh, and i accidentally brushed isaac's teeth with ryder's toothbrush tonight. DANGIT! and did i mention that isaac has an ear infection and my baby has a green snotty nose?!"

after i read it i laughed, not because it's funny, but because this is what our life looks like right now.  here's to hoping we see less vomit(please pray we don't all go down again!!) and more smiles in the next few days.  as soon as my sweet ryder is well we are putting a finger guard on that boy!  no more sucking all those nasty germs. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

sugar packets and electrical outlets

we joined some friends at the little carlsbad airport for a morning of watching airplanes.   the kids did not all stand like this the whole time (thanks to the security guard who reminded us that the sign said to stay off).   soon enough, the kids were running all over, chasing, eating, tackling, stealing sugar packets from the outdoor restaurant tables and even playing with an electrical outlet.  we like to call this parenting at it's finest.
this character soon caught wind of the electrical outlet and had plans of his own.

and then he realized i had planted myself in front of his goal.  his happy smile soon turned to this sad little whine(my favorite!  please note the sarcasm.).  one of the hardest parts of a one year old is their lack of reason.  he was certain i was out to ruin his time and was not easily redirected(if you have tips, i will gladly receive them.).  love the persistence that each one of our boys has had in life.  they set their eyes on a goal and mom is merely an obstacle to overcome.  i am thinking this strong persistence will serve them well in life, as for now i am hoping to survive it;)

12 month pictures(a few days late)

i failed to take the 12 month shot on his actually birthday.  but how much can a child actually change in a few days?!

did i mention...

that this big brother made the cupcakes for asher's 1st birthday?  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

let's celebrate!

my mom did all the decorating and it was super cute!   

i am one spoiled girl! 

and this is when you know you've asked too much of your children.

happy birthday to you...

he liked making a mess of the cupcake more than he actually liked the taste.  ha!
i can't say the same for the brothers. 

it was good to celebrate with family.  

this sweet boy wasn't feeling well all day, but was still such a great trooper.  i seriously can't get enough of him!

Monday, January 16, 2012

asher's day continues

big boy woke up from his much needed nap to see gaga ready to celebrate his first birthday.  

gaga brought over some new animal magnets for the fridge.  asher was pretty excited about all the attention.
and just when i thought the boys were going to let him actually play with his gift, they started moving all the magnets up high so that asher wouldn't pull them off the fridge.   

the brothers like to play games where they run down the hall, charging at asher.  he LOVES it(when he doesn't get plowed over)!

later that evening our dear friends popped over with a fun surprise for asher.   thank you guys!  i think asher felt like a big boy with the older brothers in bed and him up with friends;)
these two are great helpers with the little brothers (they have their own.)!
ryder was still awake and wondering what was going on down stairs.    he was thrilled to jump out of bed and join in the excitement.  
can you tell?

the parsons dropped off this awesome motorcycle(it makes sounds!).  asher was pumped. thanks, friends!
guess who else thought it was pretty cool?!
and look who was left playing with the box?  love the flexibility of the third born.  this picture might actually be one of my favorites, a picture of reality for this sweet boy;)  hysterical! 


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