Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

dentist visit.

the boy had a dentist appointment. it was ryder's first visit. yes, we know he should have gone to see the dentist before he turned two, but we've been busy and his teeth took the hit. as it turns out he loves the dentist. can you tell? isaac on the other hand was less than excited. poor guy has had his mouth poked and prodded so much that he's not a fan of anyone putting anything in there.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

last weekend part 2

we made the trek down to sea world, making good use of our passes. i have to admit the highlight of the adventure was the stop at sprinkles on our way home. red velvet cupcakes get me every time!

this is how ryder does thumbs up. i love it!

last weekend part 1

isaac has been really doing well with the adjustment to a new little brother in the family. however, we have noticed that isaac has needed a little extra attention with all that has gone on. as a little girl my mom used to tell me that she would love to give us extra "holdies" if we just let her know that we needed them. it was her way of helping us ask for attention rather than acting out in order to get it. we have been telling isaac the same thing and have found him asking to be held a lot. we decided he needed a night out with mom and dad and so that's exactly what we did. my mom watched asher and my aunt played with ryder while we headed to the sea aquarium and then to "ice cream" also known as swirls. it was a great night for all!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

another pair of arms needed!

some of our friends gave us these great stickers to put on asher each month to document the months. too bad i remembered a week after his 2nd month. better to start now than never, right?

stew took the three boys to the garage sale at the church where the jr. highers were raising money for world vision. the boys had a blast and i had a couple of hours to myself. i took a long, SLOW jog!

this character loves his grammy!

things have started to settle down a bit. life feels more "normal" in our house. we are finding that the older boys are starting to have a little trouble with the transition, needing more holding time, more hugs and kisses and a lot of attention. it seems that tears seem to abound on certain days. if only i could grow another pair of arms! in time i am sure life will feel more settled for all of them. until then we'll be carrying plenty of kleenex and doing our best to make sure everyone feels loved.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

luck o' the irish

oh my hunkys!!
these three are serious about their pictures together.

9 weeks old and lots to smile about...

our friends invited us over for a little st. patrick's day hunt. it started with mini rainbow cupcakes and each boy ate multiple!

it was so fun to watch the boys enjoy the treats they found in the bags "hidden" around the yard. i am pretty sure ryder's favorite bag o' goodies was the one filled with grapes. go figure.

max was a huge fan of the otter pops.

the treasures!

my littlest loves

ryder loved logan's bed. it made for a great launching pad.

karen and her sweet brayden.

once we got home auntie dropped by and made this amazing little fort. please note isaac in the fort:)

it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a...

isaac's preschool had the opportunity to experience a helicopter landing on their campus. i decided i would brave the field trip and help out. who am i kidding, there was no helping on my end. i was just hoping to make it to the helicopter with all three boys. isaac's teacher gave me permission to meet them at the actual helicopter, avoiding the snack stop and the walk there. i didn't want to miss out on anything so we decided to walk with the class. i am so glad we did since isaac was the first in his class to jump to his feet looking for his mommy(me!) when they dismissed the kids. it's these little moments that i think i'll remember forever.
who knew that we would be covered in black dirt as the helicopter landed.

the kids were able to check out all the mercy air equipment.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

2 months

two days shy of 2 months!

at 2 months he weighed in at 13lbs 4 ozs

like it or not, asher is getting plenty of love from his big brothers.

auntie bonnie made isaac a build a bear when he was just a baby. recently ryder has taken to playing with isaac's bear and often can be heard in bed, pushing the button to hear auntie bonnie's voice. this past weekend auntie surprised ryder with his own talking bear and a new outfit for isaac's. this morning stew and i woke up to my aunt's voice over the monitor, thanks to those bears. too funny!


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