Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

spring is in the air

i am constantly reminded that we are surrounded by amazing friendships. life is so much more enjoyable when it's shared with others.

the ermanis clan received an early easter present from their grandma. she sent this fabulous beach ball sprinkler. we wanted to help break it in.

lots of bubble blowing these days

little miss avery
avery and ryder both share a love for rocks and dirt.

amanda is always coming up with fun ideas for us. her most recent endeavor was the spring birds' nests. the moms did most of the work and the kids, well, they ate lots and lots of sugar!

julianna's final product

once the candy was gone so were the boys.

our boys love to head to the forum. we play in the water, watch the fish, and play at the toy store.
this morning we headed to legoland to catch some sun before the rain hits.

cameron has such a sweet spirit.

racing of the windsurfers

easily entertained

good times with good friends

Monday, March 29, 2010

let the celebrating begin...

this morning we gathered with 75+ friends to enjoy some easter egg hunting. we all met at the park and every mom had prepared 12 eggs per child to be hidden for the hunt. the kids hunted for eggs, decorated cookies, and played on the playground. it was a good morning!
(it also helped the stew was there to help me chase the boys. what a guy!)

these kids were ready to get started

our youngest egg hunter

our old pro

"why do they always make us take so many pictures?"

isaac and julianna

me, alli, amanda, and lisa

these kids were passionate about the goodies in their eggs.

isaac and hayden

the harris clan

cousin addie was out from arizona and made a showing.

more photos here

Saturday, March 27, 2010


we spent the afternoon celebrating reagan's 2nd birthday. the boys came home exhausted which i guess means they had a really good time. ryder did manage to fall 3 times. the first fall leaving him with a little bump on the head and the last two giving him a fat lip. all in a days work for a 15 month old. isaac enjoyed the bug hunt and was thrilled when the cupcakes were served. did i mention that our boys LOVED the pasta sald?! stew said they had 7 helpings!!

flirting with the birthday girl

and the bug hunt begins

our little bug hunter

after the first fall on the lip. it looked even better after the next digger.

our motley crew

one of the many helpings of pasta

singing happy birthday and truly wanting a bite of the cupcake.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


a little swing time with gigi

auntie popped over

bubble blowing

he actually did blow a couple of bubbles before sucking on the wand.

grammy helping

sandy nights

our boys love parks and even more than parks they love time with their dad. we have really been enjoying the long evenings. it's starting to feel like summer.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

another day, another park

after isaac's speech path. appointment we had time to meet up with some friends at the park. we love our friends!

addison at 3 months. can you handle this beautiful face?!

daniel is such a sweet big brother to addison.

joy, addison and ryder. ryder loves his snacks.


grandma chris came over to play with the boys while we headed out with friends.


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