Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Monday, December 30, 2013

menconi family time

 december 28th the menconi side of the family got together.  it's always loud and fun and full of a lot of life.  i love hearing what everyone has going on.  i only wish we all lived closer.  
most of the crew. 

 uncle jim, uncle conrad an my dad
this character loved it all!

Friday, December 27, 2013

first lost tooth

  isaac lost his first tooth the day after christmas!  he was eating an apple at dinner when the bottom tooth came out.  the blood wasn't his favorite, but he survived.  we ended up giving him $3 under his pillow for the first tooth... he was thrilled!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

christmas afternoon

 after naps we headed to the montgomerys for a second round of celebrating.    
 can you tell this boy was excited?
 grandma chris knows these boys love legos!
 the boys love helping grandma chris and papa alan open gifts.  
heck, they loved helping everyone open their gifts:)
asher was really "helpful" with uncle derek's present opening.

 noah was one tired baby by the time we got home!  stew decided to get him ready for bed while my sister, mark and i ran the big boys by funny house.  it was a treat to end christmas looking at our favorite christmas lights.  

christmas morning

christmas morning is celebrated at our house.  stew and i have talked about staying home on christmas since before we were married.  last year we decided to make it a reality.  thankfully my family has been super flexible about changing it up and starting a new tradition.  our boys love that it's at our place and that everyone comes over!  

in years past stew and i didn't give our kids gifts.  this year i hit up the 90% off halloween sale at target and grabbed 3 costumes for each boy!  we wrapped them up in big boxes and the boys were in heaven.  ryder even said, "wow, another one from mommy and daddy?!" costumes are a hit around this place, making these gifts a total treat! 

i took isaac into the doctor a couple weeks prior to christmas.  the doctor asked him what he wanted for christmas.  isaac told him he wanted a ninja costume.  the doctor replied, "if you're really good santa might bring you that costume."  isaac quickly threw out a smile and said, "nah, my mom will get it."  the doctor totally laughed.  pretty sure we are one of the few families that don't believe in santa.  it always catches adults off guard and brings a laugh.   

this was actually for noah, but asher took a liking to it!

 these two were too tall for the picture in front of the tree.  kneeling worked!

christmas eve

 christmas eve at my parents' house is always full of friends and family.  all are welcome and it's always a good time.  we usually eat, sing songs and play games(prizes included!).  so grateful we are included in such a wonderful celebration!

this little man loves his gaga!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

christmas at auntie's

 a few days before christmas my sister hosted our family for dinner.  this is the second year she has done this and we all really enjoy it.  


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