Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, February 28, 2009


please pray for the regier family as one of their twin boys is not doing so well.  my mom's friend  told me that she "hounded" heaven's door for us as she prayed for our ryder.  jacob is in need of "hounding" on heaven's door. 

Friday, February 27, 2009

west of eden

so yesterday isaac, ryder and annie were introduced to a fabulous little feature here in san diego, the quail botanical kids garden. although annie and i got married at quail 4.5 years ago, we never knew this part existed. it has everything a boy could ask for, including no restrictions on what he can do there. isaac has played for 2 hours a day there the past two days, then has crashed out for a 3-4 hour nap. it is like a dream come true for all of us.

the trains run when you push the yellow button. isaac has learned to make the who-who sound.

lots of water to splash around in, including nets and plastic bugs, and of course, friends cam and hayden.

isaac and rhett are a little damp

it's kinda like fish in a barrell only more colorful.

mommy and isaac potted a couple plants...

and isaac watered them.

daddy and isaac at the bubbles. we kept having to beat down the catholic school kids so he could get a turn.

beware the bronze tortoise

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

let's make a deal

ryder and uncle derek

sometimes ryder smells just like plain cake donuts. sometimes he smells like vomit and feces. sometimes you just take your chances.

Friday, February 20, 2009

2 months and counting...

ryder is officially two months old as of wednesday and he weighed in at 11lbs. 10oz. and just over 23 inches long. he is getting to be a lot more fun, his personality is developing more all the time: chill and sweet, smiling contentedly all the time. his baby acne is sticking around for a while, but that doesn't keep him from posing for photos.

we are still not sure what is going on with his eye color, it hasn't changed much since he was born, still some sort of grey.

the whole family has been progressing towards sickness the past week or so, but i am pretty sure the boys got the worst of it. isaac didn't eat for the two or three days, which for him is about as serious as it gets. he is feeling much better now, and the rest of the family is on the mend as well. there are few things in life that more quickly remind me what a horrible human being i am than when my kids are sick. i get even more easily angered, more petty, and more annoyed than normal. i am learning.

this was the worst of it for me. i had to wear a beanie as i did homework in my closet b/c i was so chilled. nudie ryder is one of my favorites.

one of isaac's favorite things to do right now is to whine till annie puts ryder in the baby einstein and then he points out his assorted body parts. it usually ends with ryder in tears, but isaac seems to enjoy it.

casey taught isaac the fist bump the other night. he is buying him his first mac next week.

at the park today, keepin' it real

Monday, February 16, 2009

a very happy birthday!

grammy turned 60 today!  it was such a treat to spend today celebrating her big day.  i have always been a huge fan of my mom and it's fun to watch my oldest son feel the same way.  they have a very special relationship that started from day one. my mom would come over daily and hold isaac as he screamed his way through the first 13 weeks of his life. believe me, those were some tough days.  she has given countless hours to love my children and help stew and i with the boys.  my mom has spent my whole life demonstrating great parenting for me and my sister and now my children get to learn from her too.

my mom is the kind of mom/grandma that gets on the ground and plays.  she is truly amazing!  she chases isaac for hours, pushes him in the swing, explores in the dirt, feeds him good food,  teaches him to garden, builds with blocks, and holds him when he needs a "holdie."  grammy is LOVED and we are so grateful for her.  thank you and happy birthday mom!

most people get one mom in their life but my sister and i kind of got two and we love it.  my aunt has loved us like her own children from the get go.  she has spoiled us with attention and generosity since we were born.  my sons now get to experience the fun of grauntie;  she's like a third grandma. 

 my aunt comes down to play with isaac and ryder almost every other weekend.  she usually comes with a new book, diapers and something for them to wear.  isaac lights up with books and she can read to him for an hour straight.  it's one of the few things isaac will sit still for.  
my aunt has always helped out and  been great at giving us all attention.  isaac now steals the show and she cheers him on.  it's wonderful to watch.  thank you and happy birthday auntie!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

grammy is 60! (almost)

surprise! there are 86 people in your house, all waiting for you. too bad nobody knew you were coming so the surprise was on them.

hugs all around

making a wish

family photo time

susan and jan: friends for 29 years

sfc currents and alums (jedis included)

old school sfc administrators

the yorkeys and farringtons

the menconi's small group

jan's friend from college, sharon and her daughter were out from minnesota to join in on the festivities.

the girls

friends for over 30 years.

aunt letha flew out from minnesota to join the other two sisters in the celebration

grammy and ryder

our boys

ryder at 7 weeks old

the party was an amazing opportunity to celebrate grammy, a woman makes everybody family. it was also a very cool picture of her legacy, some friendships extending over three decades.
we are so lucky to have her.

Monday, February 2, 2009

photo shoot

how devious is this look?

kimberly flew down to hang out for a quick 24 hours. 

auntie was doing some heavy lifting

karen and isaac

grauntie and the boys

ryder gets pretty transfixed by the bath (aka the kitchen sink)

a february pool day

happy hour at chevy's with the laforges

awkward silence...


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