Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, April 22, 2012

one fish two fish red fish blue fish

a little over a week ago i was up way too early, reading a perfect pet for peyton to the boys.  clearly i wasn't rested since i suggested we get a fish(if you know me you know i am NOT a pet lover) by the end of the book.  of course they jumped on that and spent the rest of the morning planning our soon to be adventure.  that afternoon, my mom watched asher as we picked out our new fish. 

 the gal at the store told ryder he might want to pick out a more healthy looking fish(this should've been my first clue to stay away from goldfish!) and so we ended up with these two. 

the big plunge

isaac named his buzz and ryder named his nemo.
by the following morning nemo was "resting" and stew was off to petco for a replacement.  upon his return he looked in the bowl and informed me that buzz was now "resting" as well.  we decided to tell the boys their fish didn't live and needed to be flushed to the ocean.  they were a bit sad, but quickly recovered at the thought of their fish joining the other sharks and dolphins in the ocean.  we  convinced the boys a betta fish might be a great addition to the family.  
introducing buzz nemo! 

90 years young

my great aunt bea turned 90!  we joined family for a wonderful little celebration.  aunt bea is my grandma's SIL.  i have many memories of my aunt bea popping over to my grandma's house as we would be chatting.  aunt bea would always have a funny joke(usually one that would catch my baptist grandma off guard) to share.  happy 90th aunt beede!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

forgiveness and love

easter is the reason we have hope!
we have been trying to tell the story to isaac and ryder in a way that they can understand, but it's a story i can hardly understand.  Jesus died a horrible death due to no fault of his own.  three days later he rose from the dead and told his disciples(friends) to go out and share God's love with all, including those who tried to end him(are you kidding me?!).  i can't think of a more absurd story.  if that isn't a call to forgiveness and love, i don't know what is.

 may this year be one that we experience the joy of forgiveness and love!

"And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age. (Matthew 28:20)
my parents hosted us at their place for a lovely meal, egg hunting and time together.  it was small and quiet and just what we needed this year.

our boys don't really know much about an easter bunny, but they do love a good easter egg hunt.  

the only thing that makes this picture even better is the dog peeing in the background.  we love to keep it exciting.
best picture of the day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3rd annual easter egg hunt

last monday we were a part of the third annual easter egg hunt at a local park.  it was so much fun to gather with friends and watch our boys run around.  every mom put together 12 eggs per child and brought food to share.  many moms even brought diapers and clothes to donate to birth choice (thank you!).  it was my kind of morning- friends, food and fun!  did i mention that my AMAZING husband dressed up as roger rabbit the easter bunny?! thank you to mrs. farrington for lending us the costume!

lauren of lauren natalie photography,  donated her time and talent once again, capturing a morning of great memories!  thank you lauren!  to see the rest of the morning, click HERE.

melt. my. heart

so grateful my mom took the day off to help watch asher during the festivities!  thank you mom!!

the group shot (most of the group)

not sure how many donuts ryder consumed, but it's safe to say he had his fair share. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

you brown, mommy

a few days ago i was driving with the two older boys.  they LOVE this song and love to ask, "why is God not a man?"  that day isaac asked,"why God not a white man?"  i answered with the same answer i always do, "cause God is bigger than a man."  isaac shot back, "i am white and you brown, mommy.  and the sky is blue."  i laughed!  i had no idea my kids even thought about the color of our skin.  i had to call my mom to tell her my kid said i was brown.  she asked what color they think stew is.  when i asked, isaac said, "he's white like me."  love it!  i hope they keep this sweet innocence.  it's so refreshing that the color of a person's skin doesn't matter.

looks like i'll be the only girl and the only brown one in the family:)

happy 80th!

last saturday was great grandma kay's surprise 80th birthday party(yes, we have been enjoying all these fun surprises!).  it was great to see all the family while our boys ran like crazy around the room.  a serious thank you to all the family that chased our three all over! 
 happy birthday great grandma kay! 
aunt heidi and cousin emma

on sunday we celebrated uncle kyle's birthday.  we did have cake, but couldn't find a birthday candle.  who needs those little candles when you can have a serious candle like this?  happy birthday uncle kyle!
the crew

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

happy 30th!

so many great things to say about this night... eric(winning countless good husband points) planned an amazing surprise party for his beautiful wife!  she was totally surprised and he worked so hard to pull it off.  i was even teary eyed as she walked into the crowd of friends.  i love when we take time in life to celebrate the people that we love.  happy birthday karen!  i am so glad jessie set us up on our blind-friend date.  your friendship has been such a gift.  thank you!

so sad to say goodbye to jessie!  the bay area is getting an amazing woman.  i am really going to miss sitting at happy hour until super late, chatting with this sweet friend.  jessie has the kindest heart, truly caring for others and totally honest about life.  i will miss you!
i must add, the dancing was a serious highlight... good friends, fun music and no children needing our care!  we might need to have a dj at every party;)


all the cousins were in town!  last thursday, the crew headed to the wild animal park for a morning of fun!  please note the easter book in ryder's hand.  i might have told my boys the story of easter, not excluding the part where the soldiers took Jesus away to kill him(yes, i said kill!).   the easter story isn't that good without the fact that Jesus died and then was alive again!  unfortunately, our kids greeted their uncles with, "you're not dead anymore!"  clearly something got lost in translation.  we'll be working to clear that up:)


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