Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Thursday, July 30, 2009

bits of tid

  1. this is one of the cutest pictures of the boys taken recently. isaac loves the water to the point of potentially being labeled an amphibian, and ryder loves whatever isaac does.
  2. ryder broke his first tooth this past weekend. he is not too thrilled about it, and not shy about expressing himself.
  3. isaac has little blonde hair on his super tan legs. he is more like a real boy everyday.

Friday, July 24, 2009

two tickets to paradise

so it is not everyday that you get to celebrate 5 years of marriage, and concurrently it is not everyday that you get to spend a week in maui without children. yet annie and i are currently lounging poolside on our last morning on the island, trying to drink up ever last moment of sun and freedom. a few highlights from the week:

constantly getting photo bombed by unsuspecting tourists

the subtle hawaiian culture

treasures great and small. while snorkeling one day i found these goggles on the bottom of the ocean. this discovery lead to another invaluable prize: this picture.

we recently purchased a waterproof digital camera at costco (the olympus 1050sw if you are interested) and i spent the better part of an afternoon taking pictures with the camera barely submerged under water while we were out of the water. this is one of my favorites.

this is one of us both under water. as on our honeymoon, we stayed near black rock, which offers some of the best snorkeling in maui, and true to form annie got really naseous again. unfortunately this time she also lost her watch so if you find one at the bottom of the ocean, please let us know.

the 79 degree ocean was a favorite morning activity. i liked it because the ocean is pretty much one giant urinal, so i could vacate fluids whenever i darn well pleased. but please note: nobody poops in a urinal.

action shot!

eating was probably the most favorite activity from the whole week. we ate breakfast and lunch from our costco spoils, but then splurged on a late afternoon dinner so we could try to burn some of it walking around shopping and such. total tally: cheesburgers in paradise-3,
bubba gump-2, aloha mixed plate-1, roys-1, pounds-???

other trip highlights:

time. time for daily morning runs along the beach. time for long, hot, uninterrupted and unrushed showers. it is so nice to just hang out in there, knowing you will not be thrust into responsibility at any given moment. time to peel a tangerine in one long continuous strip. not a real marketable skill, but fun nonetheless.

as much as we have enjoyed our time together, we remember stories about the boys often, miss them on occasion, and are looking forward to our reunion. we cannot wait to come back to hawaii with them someday, as soon as they can pay for themselves.

truth be told, this post was written while we were in maui, but the pitiful lack of free wifi on the way home, plus the chaos of reordering since we have returned has prevented the publication. we came home thursday morning to two thriving boys who were not all together happy to see us after having been spoiled by grauntie and grammy for the week. ryder is on the brink of fully mobile, getting to where he wants to go using a part g.i. joe crawl, part frog hop method. isaac continues to be fascinated by trains, especially tonight at the 15th street playground in del mar. it continues to be abundantly clear that they have made us very fortunate parents.

Friday, July 10, 2009

a date with kenzie

kenzie and isaac had a blast playing at the quail botanical gardens.  barb farrington, a good friend of the family, joined in on the adventure and took some beautiful pictures of the kids and the gardens.  we stole a couple of her shots - thanks, barb!

4th of july weekend

aunt megan was visiting and preparing for her wedding.  the boys loved the extra time with her at the park. 

ryder and shannon spent some quality time together at the outdoor concert.  

isaac spent most of his time eating and dancing. 

matching 4th of july outfits- thank you, grammy.

oh the love. 

barbara and ryder

no party is complete without a waterslide.

Friday, July 3, 2009

fair time...

stew's aunt made this cute little outfit for isaac.  ryder wanted his turn in the suit. 

brotherly love...

at its finest.

our family trip to the del mar fair. 
 isaac loved seeing all of the animals and ryder just loved the attention. 


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