Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Friday, January 31, 2014

oh january

january was a full month.  it was full of walks around the block, playing at legoland and plenty of time outside.  we are spoiled to enjoy this kind of january and we know it. 

a surprise visit from ed!  a total treat to get time with him and hear about their life in MN. 

first time on a ride at legoland for this guy.

this year we celebrated chinese new year.  hoping this is a new little tradition! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

asher's three!

three years old!  we greeted this spunky little three year with a man-cave full of pirate themed decorations and a few little gifts.  he was thrilled!
asher had been asking for a pirate birthday party for months!  the big day finally arrived and he was dressed and ready to party.  

the rest of dressed the part as well. 

i ran into a friend at target who had recently done her son's birthday with a pirate theme.  she generously emailed me all the decorations to use for asher.  thank you allison! 

he loved unplugging and replugging in the ship. 

we all went out for dinner that night thanks to aunt bonnie!

happy birthday asher!  you are a true delight.  you have so much spunk.  you know exactly how you want things to be and make it very clear to the rest of us.  you love to play with your brothers and will do whatever it takes to be included with the big boys.  you have no desire to go to preschool and i am hoping this stays true for next year.  when ryder tried telling you that you would like preschool you replied with, "when i get bigger." you like to be home and i love it!  we recently put you in a room to sleep with the older brothers so that noah could learn to sleep on his own.  you think this is great!  you want to stay up late throwing pillows at ryder and playing funny games.  gum is your new love.  we told you at 3 years old you could have it and i might have fudged a bit in order to make my life easier.  you have yet to swallow a piece.  when asked what you wanted for your birthday you quickly threw out, "gum!"  you are easily pleased and we are so grateful for that.  you still suck your thumb and i have finally ordered a thumb guard to end this little habit.  being the third you have learned to count and talk at a very early point.  we are pretty sure these skills were developed for survival with two older brothers.  when asked to share with isaac and ryder you usually tell them, "in two minutes."  i still consider you my baby and love to snuggle you.  you seem to enjoy it as well and hope this continues for a long time.  your favorite song to sing at bedtime is "joy to the world."  your prayers usually include being thankful for "my family and legos."  you probably say this because it's what your brothers say.  dancing is still a favorite for you.  we are all entertained by you and your moves.  what a treat to have you as a child.  i am still grateful for god's mercy on that horrible day that i dropped you.  it's a true gift to see you running around and enjoying life.  i look forward to many more years of your enthusiastic life.   i love you!  love, mommy


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