Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Thursday, May 31, 2012

an extra 100lbs

the weather is heating up...  looks like we're going to be spending some good time at the spray pad this summer.  
every year we run the encinitas 5k as a family.  i accidentally signed up for another race on the same day.   fortunately stew is man enough to handle a little 5k with all three in tow;)  looking good, babe!

while stew was hauling an extra hundred pounds through the streets of encinitas, my booty was desperately trying to act like the 21 year old i think i am, running the ROC race.  it was awesome!  i'll be doing this again and again(if my body permits)!  for the full 3.2 miles, i felt like i was in high school again- invincible!  i miss that feeling. 
we celebrated mother's day a little late with grandma chris!  we sprinted through sea life, showing grandma chris all our favorites!  

Monday, May 28, 2012

flowers, movies and a belly shirt

the friday before mother's day, my boys surprised me with my favorite starbucks drink and a bouquet of flowers.  each boy picked out part of the bouquet:) isaac went for some dark blue flowers, ryder grabbing the orange gerber daisies and asher picking out some sunflowers.  can you guess their favorite colors?!  loved it!

isaac enjoyed a little camera time.

i had promised ryder i would take him to see chimpanzee.  it was their first movie in a theater and we probably won't be returning any time soon.  35 minutes into the very SLOW but good movie they started asking me to go home.  we got a refund and headed out.
*i asked them to get together for a picture and this is what i got.  love when they do the sweet little poses like this for me:)  too bad ryder picked out a belly shirt that morning.  ha!
i figured we'd get a car wash since i got a refund on the movie.  that ended up being the highlight of the afternoon for the boys.  looks like we'll be driving through the car wash more often! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

happy mother's day

mother's day weekend was filled with lots of time to myself(thanks, little!)!  yes, i did get to play with my children, but there was plenty of time to see my MIL speak to a group of single mothers(she was awesome!),  to join my mom, aunt and sister for pedicures, shopping, a movie and dinner (without kids!!).    having three little guys call me mom has been the greatest joy and challenge!  i am constantly reminded what a gift these little ones are, even on the days i am ready to ship them off.  i do miss having time to actually think and run errands all by myself, but it all pales in comparison to the excitement and fun i get to have with my boys.  i've heard it said that being a stay at home mom might not be challenging enough for some.  turns out, parenting has been the MOST challenging and exhausting thing i have ever done.  i have no idea how my mom did it with such patience and grace.  i am hoping that one of these days i'll figure it out:)  until then, i am so grateful for my mom's constant support and encouragement. there's nothing like your own mom, telling you can do it!  believe me, there are days i don't think i am going to make it and then 6pm arrives and i see the light at the end of the tunnel.  here's to the women in my life that have set a great example of love!  happy mother's day mom, auntie, chris and allison!  thank you for loving my family and helping me to be a better mom!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

la jolla beach and tennis club

last wednesday we joined our friends at their beach (i might start referring to it as our beach;))for a day of fun!  i sometimes dread the beach with three little ones.  it feels like too much work with all the sand, water and my wild card(asher).  fortunately the beach & tennis club is perfect for our crew.  it feels more contained and less crazy.  i was actually able to keep track of all my boys as they played in the water, ate tons of sand (ok, that was just asher), and burned lots of energy.  thank you friends for a wonderful day!  we felt totally spoiled:)

this character had NO FEAR until a wave got him.  ha!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


happy birthday daniel!  what a fun day of celebrating.  it was the perfect party- kids running around, friends chatting and warm weather.  it didn't hurt that asher stayed behind with my mom, giving us a break from chasing:)
most children would go for the frosting, not ryder. 
my hunky little pirate!
he did fall off the ship, but jumped up and said he was ok.  nothing like boys to make your heart skip a few beats. 

happy birthday sweet daniel...

Monday, May 7, 2012

weekend fun

friday morning gaga spoke at SFC for grandparents day.  every time she mentioned isaac's name, he blurted out, "big woody(they call her big woody due to the fact that she was woody from toy story for halloween.  asher is little woody. ) said my name!"  it was awesome!  way to go mom:)
that afternoon we ventured to art soup for the first time.  our sweet friend, hayden, turned 5.  we joined him in celebrating with LOTS of paint and fun!  i can remember when hayden was only a few months old and in attendance at isaac's baby shower.    happy birthday hayden! 

these kids had so much fun!  
saturday, we spent the morning sprinting through sea life.  apparently our kids thought we were running the great race.

then a little celebration of cinco de mayo- see the flag?!


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