Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

oh christmas tree...

this makes isaac's 5th year at the forum christmas tree lighting.  i can still remember the 1st lighting he attended.  he was days away from his first surgery at only 3 months old.  funny how every christmas tree lighting reminds me of that first year we were preparing for a big surgery.  fast forward four years and we've got this happy character running through the crowd, throwing his glow stick, playing with friends and anticipating santa's arrival.  life isn't always what you expect, sometimes it's even better!   

ryder's a huge fan of the christmas tree lighting as well.  this makes his 3rd lighting and he was jazzed.  can you tell?  the child would NOT stand still!

last year i had no idea how great it would be to have this third little love in our family. 

they ditched the traditional christmas carols this year for celtic music.  i wasn't a fan, but many others were.  

auntie allison was able to make it even after her all night shopping spree for black friday(how do people do that?).

give a kid a camera...
this child LOVES to take pictures!

everything is more fun and crazy(who am i kidding, it's always crazy with three kids!) with friends!
the characters were just that, characters. ryder was apparently a jumping elf. 
prime seating as santa walked down the aisle. 


giving thanks

thanksgiving was spectacular!    we gathered at my parents place  for A LOT of food, family and friends.  it was totally loud and crazy and i loved it.  my mom said something along the lines of, "it's better to have a packed house(and it was) than to be alone."  i couldn't agree more!  

this fool is getting really good at the turkey carving!  way to go, lit!
this was the table where 16 of us dined;)  there was play dough, crayons and coloring sheets to keep all entertained. 

with these four, my life will always be loud and a bit chaotic- i'd have it no other way. 

in an attempt to get the kids smiling and looking at me there might have been the promise of dessert.
guess who heard "smile for dessert" and decided to get in on that deal.  

Thursday, November 24, 2011

turkey trotting

this morning we participated in the o'side turkey trot for our third year.  each year it's a different group(and additional children), but always a good time.   i love these sweet family traditions and i am hoping our kids will continue to love them as well. 

ready to run. 

what a good lookin group of men.  please note the bars in the boys' hands (i think i grabbed 50+) .   

when gaga was ready to cross the finish line with baby asher, the boys wanted to join them.  
this character wouldn't slow down for a picture.   i think i've found my running partner:)

the turkey trotting was good, but the turkey eating will be great!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy birthday, ethan!

last saturday the boys got to celebrate their friend, ethan!  it was such a fun morning of bug hunting,  fishing and playing(sarah knows what little boys like!). 
 happy birthday to a sweet four year old boy! 
isaac loved this helicopter.
ryder made a bird for our thanksgiving centerpiece.

checking out the bugs


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