Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, October 30, 2010

harvest time

friday night we were off to the north coast calvary harvest party. last year we loved this event and the boys had even more fun this round. i think they spent most of their time jumping in the spiderman jumpy house and a little time at the games. one of my highlights was pocketing the candy the boys were given. thank you north coast! we loved the chaos!

everything is always better with friends!

waiting in line was not our favorite part. our kids might have been the ones trying to jump in the front of the lines.

Friday, October 29, 2010

pancake breakfast

isaac's preschool classroom hosted a family pancake breakfast. the boys thought it was great that we were all at school together. that evening we were discussing the day as a family, we mentioned that isaac had gone to school that morning, ryder piped in, "i went to school too." this child will not be left out!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a visit from MN

my aunt letha was in town for a conference and we got to enjoy her before it all started. the boys were thrilled to have her around even though they were still sick with some fun virus. isaac warmed up to aunt letha immediately, climbing into her lap right away.

the boys have been so excited about owls so stew decided to carve an owl into the pumpkin.
the "big owl pumpkin"

my mom and aunts with the boys.
a little wrestling match with papa

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


last weekend annie, isaac and i were in palm springs to be a part of my cousin jeff and his fiance mindy's wedding. i had a small part to play as the officiant, but all eyes were on isaac as he walked down the aisle carrying the rings, or at least a pillow that represented the rings.

getting warmed up at the rehearsal

practicing with the flower girl, kaya (mindy's niece)

we even did a little picture practice

we got to meet our niece, emma, for the first time. she is an adorable dream come true. now if we could only get ourselves one of them girls.

papa and grandma chris hang with the youngest grandkids: kacie (left) and emma (right)

after the rehearsal dinner we went to aunt beth and aunt megan's room to hang out with the cousins. isaac and addie spent most of the night tearing around the room and jumping on the bed.

two little monkeys...

there was a real question as to whether isaac would put the tux on or not. he ended up loving it, maybe b/c i had to wear a monkey suit as well. in order to get a shirt big enough for his beefy neck, they had to order one that was a couple sizes too big.

we were debating whether to just send him to the wedding like this

grandma chris nearly cried seeing her little man all growed up

it won't be too long before this is a picture taken before prom

the moment of truth

right, together. left, together.

he made it all the way

i traded him the pillow for a highly anticipated lego train and sent him off to mom for a mickey mouse sucker. he spent the rest of the ceremony silently enjoying both.

the happy couple make their way back up the aisle

showing me the spoils

hamming it up with uncle derek and uncle eric who flew in from kansas city

the montgomery ladies and isaac. i am sure this won't be the last time in his life he is surrounded by beautiful women

just a man and a dance floor

isaac was so tender towards his cousin. we hope he is that tender towards his new brother in january.

isaac had gotten progressively more and more sick throughout the weekend, which made his performance at the ceremony even more impressive. by an hour and a half into the ceremony we were trying to cool him down by removing his shirt.

he crashed out for about 45 minutes. his temperature on the way home was 103 degrees. annie and i were both a little stressed, but he pulled through just fine.

Monday, October 25, 2010


stew took tuesday off from work in order to celebrate my 33rd birthday. it was a totally relaxing day. that ended with a night out for just the two of us. i felt loved!


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