Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, February 10, 2013

asher's finally got a party

we had planned a family(and two friends) birthday party for asher's big day, but he got the flu and the whole thing was out the window.  we finally picked a day(last minute) and asked our families if they could be there.   yes, he had one little healthy friend(finn) that joined the celebration.  way to have the immune system of steel, finn!

asher's attempt at shooting spiderman webs.


 this is his "cheese" face.  

his request was for trains and a chocolate cake with chocolate chips.  i think the brothers had some influence on the cake part. 

 but he loved it!

 as did they...


he is definitely 2 and proves it with his do-it-myself spunk.  his tantrums have even picked up a bit(i had forgotten about this stage).  apparently he got the memo about the stereo type and doesn't want to let us down.  he ended the party a bit grumpy and a bit like a two year old:)


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