Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, February 6, 2011

tale of two parties

this past saturday the boys had invitations to two different, nearly simultaneous, birthday parties. isaac is always up for a party, and ryder is always up for what isaac is doing, and asher does not really have a voice yet. it turned out to be a pretty great day overall.

ryder found the perfect opportunity to spend some time by his little introverted self. he may be an artist after all

mom julie with birthday boy bradley. he will be a big brother come august.

the absolutely amazing cake put together by sean and julie's friend janelle

all eyes on the birthday boy...well, except for ryder's.

after a 20 minute drive during which the boys recharged their batteries with a cat nap, we went to cousin soren's first birthday party. there were about 25 kids there, a true dream come true for isaac. he ran all over the joint playing in the pond, while ryder spent most of his time collecting rocks with grandma chris.

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