Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Thursday, June 27, 2013

4 months of noah

 sweet baby noah, i could just eat you up.  you are past your colic and truly a pleasant baby.  you have a sweet demeanor.  we love that you tolerate and maybe even enjoy all the kissing and holding.  you have started to really "talk" and laugh.  we think you're pretty talented;)  you have 3 big brothers rooting you on every day- how great is that?! you love to be held and you usually are.  you have started sleep training in the day and you are a great little napper.  thank you!  you are currently weighing in at 17.1 lbs and 27" long.  you have graduated out of all the baby clothes.  i am a bit sad about this.  knowing you are my last baby makes me want to stop and really soak you up.  i am so grateful you are flexible and don't mind the daily dragging from park, to pick up to the pool or errands.  we just think you are the sweetest little guy.  i am so grateful we get to celebrate 4 months of your life.  you are loved.

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