Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

isaac is six!- part 2

isaac wanted a water party and i wanted to keep it simple, but fun.  my mom helped me do just that. she used to have great parties for us as kids... games, prizes and themes, but not so over the top.  i wanted a good old party for isaac and we had just that.  we opened our side yard and backyard and kids ran free, slipping on the slip n side, jumping on the trampoline and shooting each other with water guns.  isaac was thrilled about it which made me happy. 

when ryder commits, he commits! 

 after losing asher while we were in big bear, i asked my aunt to be on "asher duty".  she followed him around the whole morning! thanks! 

isaac, you are such a kind boy!  we continue to enjoy your fun loving personality.  you love to be with your friends and are always scheming for another playdate or outing.  it's been a big year for you and our family.  you endured another cleft revision-- you are very brave.  last ocotober we found out you would be having another surgery.  we had to keep you well so we all stayed home and played.  it was tough on you, feeling like you didn't have friends due to your surgery.  fortunately your friends dropped off toys, games, food and cards, reminding you that you do in fact have friends.  that very long 2 months provided a sweet time for our family.  you and ryder drew especially close. you  guys spent most days playing legos, playing in the backyard and creating new projects.  in february we added another brother to the team.  you are awesome with him!  i love that you proudly announce that you have a new baby.  watching you interact with your brothers(on the good days) makes me all the more grateful that God trusted us with all four of you boys.  i OFTEN hear people say things about how we have 4 boys.  always know that we are thrilled to have 4 brothers and we love that you lead this pack.  this year you start kindergarten.  i have mixed feelings about letting you go to school everyday, all day.  i still think you are my little baby, but realize that you are growing up and need your space.  you love to be held and milk is still your favorite food group;)  blue still tops the charts as your favorite color.  this summer you played tball and LOVED it!   i am guessing it's your favorite sport along with swimming. gaga gave you a children's bible that you find fascinating.  you ask us to read story after story before bed.  not sure if you just want to stay up, but we usually end up letting you take your bible to bed.  speaking of bed, you don't stay in it long.  we are greeted by you about 5 am each morning.  one day i will wake you up and that will be a sweet day to rejoice.  money still burns a hole in your pocket!  we should probably work on this soon.  i am so glad i get to be your mama.  may you always know that you are loved!  we are so proud of you! 
i love you, mommy

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