Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

12 months of noah cash leroy

at 11 weeks we found out we were welcoming another brother to the team!  it was pure excitement!
february 11th , 2013 you were born into this motley family.  20" long and 7lbs 9 ozs of love.
 you spent 10 days in the nicu fighting off an infection and getting ready to go home to the brothers. 
february 21st, 2013  you met the brothers.  they were proud.

march 11th, 2013
april 11th , 2013

may 11th, 2013

june 11th, 2013
july 4th, 2013

july 11th, 2013
august 11th, 2013

september 11th, 2013
october 11th, 2013

november 11th, 2013

december 11th, 2013

january 11th, 2013  
feb11th, 2013 ONE YEAR OLD!
 our big one year old!  you are so dearly loved!  your brothers can't get enough of you and smother you with kisses, tackles and toys.  

noah,  you are just the sweetest baby.  you love to cuddle and lean your head in as if you're hugging us with your head lean.  you cruise around, taking a few steps here and there.  you absolutely love being with your brothers.  we are pretty sure you are an extrovert.  big groups are always more fun for you.  you are an outdoor boy.  you love the dirt and crawling around outside.  you are certain you can climb the playground stairs alone, but love when the brothers hold you on the slide down.  you love when we laugh at you.  we may have another entertainer in the family.  we are so grateful for your precious life.  as daddy always points out to those caught off guard by four little boys--- we're the lucky ones!  we can't imagine life without you.  happy birthday big boy!  we love you!

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