Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Monday, August 18, 2014

isaac's 7th birthday party

 party time! 
*my mom made the cute sign of isaac as batman:) he loves it! 

my sweet boy is 7?!  how can this be?

everyone dressed up and the costumes were ready for the rest of the party goers. 
 stew was in charge of the obstacle course.  

no joke, this guy took another bite of pizza while we were singing!  he loves his pizza!

after the party was over and the boys were off to bed, isaac said his favorite part of the day was throwing water one papa alan(pictured above).  papa alan is always up for taking one for the team.

isaac did a few costume changes throughout the party:)


isaac, you are a true joy!  i love that every day is the best day ever.  you see the best in others and love to cheer them on.  i love when you come home and tell me about how great your friends are at different things.  your enthusiasm and love for life is so much fun to be around.  it's no wonder that your little brothers love being around you.  your laid back personality is a perfect fit in this family.  you help us all slow down and enjoy the little things.  when you are a little grumpy you usually find me and tell me you have a little grumpy in your heart and you need me to squeeze it out of you.  i love that.  you still cuddle and love to be held.  at night you ask for a foot massage and for us to get in your bed.  i hope you always want us around.  i am so grateful that god trusted us with your precious life.  you have taught me so much about being a mom and i am so grateful for your patience.  thank you for being so quick to forgive my faults.  i love you with all my heart.  happy 7th birthday my sweet boy! love, mama

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