Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, September 18, 2010

a couple of recent highlights

these past few days have been packed with fun. wednesday we met grammy for lunch at jamba juice/togos. the boys managed to split a big smoothie and a sandwich. how in the world do boys eat so much??
thursday night we met at islands to celebrate auntie allison's birthday. the boys were in heaven with their french fries. go figure. the real celebrating took place last night with a karaoke machine and a whole lot of fun people. pictures to come. sorry the video footage will not be making it to the blog. what i can say is that we have some very brave(and overly confident in their voice) friends! it was awesome!

last night stew left the party to put the boys to bed and finish writing his last paper for his 2nd to last quarter at fuller. one more quarter to go! let me just add that this man has never taken family time to work on school work. he is truly amazing! if the boys are awake you will not find stew working on school stuff. he even managed to take me out for a date this week. i love knowing that we are his first priority regardless of what life brings. stew sets an amazing example for our boys. i hope they learn to love their wives and children in such a way.

ps. stew has his faults, i am saving those for a different post;)

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