Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the happiest place on earth, take 2

my aunt bonnie's friend works for disneyland as one of the characters and was able to get us all into the park for free! this is not the first time she has hooked us up with this great setup and we are so grateful. the boys were in heaven running around, taking in all the food, pumpkins, and rides. disneyland was so much fun for our family! neither boy napped so we knew we needed to hit the road by early evening. much to our surprise both isaac and ryder did really well all day long. maybe disneyland really is the happiest place on earth.
isaac was pretty impressed with mickey and the band.
the boys had a blast running around toon town, driving cars, climbing through pumpkins and riding pretend trains.

auntie treated us to lunch at a great little spot in downtown disney. the boys loved the bread!

waiting for the much talked about train.
all aboard!

isaac went into the bathroom and soon came out screaming, "poo poo on the potty! i am so proud of you. mickey sucker!" and so that's exactly what he got. of course ryder had to have one too. we all need moral support in life.

parade time
auntie bonnie got ryder his own balloon on the way out of the park. this balloon was ryder's pride and joy.

a few minutes in the car and isaac was out. ryder on the other hand held out for a very long hour.

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