Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

o christmas tree

this past weekend we busted out the christmas decorations. the boys found their old snow globes that continue to play day and night.
we also gave them their own silver tree to decorate. they still need a star and lights according to the boys.
friday evening we made our way to the finest christmas tree lot around. some might refer to this place as home depot but in our family it's the christmas tree farm.

gaga and papa joined in the fun and bought their tree as well.

isaac was certain we needed this tree, but we had to disappoint him since there's no way this tree would even fit through our front door.
watching the tree get a fresh cut.
stew helped my dad put up their tree as they helped us do the same.

isaac's first time to put the star on the tree. to be honest this is our first real "big" tree since he's been born.
he was so proud.
ryder's turn!
ta da!
we let the boys decorate the tree and they were thrilled.
gaga helped show them how to open the string in order to hang each ornament.

the boys finished the decorating and stew and i added a few extra ornaments to the top. it's not perfectly decorated but it looks just perfect. our boys LOVE this tree and are so proud of themselves.

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