Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Monday, December 20, 2010

two already?

ryder turned two on the 18th, and as hard as it is to believe he is two already, it is hard to believe that he was one for so long.
ryder insisted the only thing he wanted for his birthday was a cupcake with curious george on top.

soon there will be another boy in this picture

during the party my buddy ryan came over to me and said, "dude, your son is totally like you. he is over in the corner by himself playing with stickers." guess we are both introverts.

ryder and bradley

a whole lotta cupcakes for a whole lotta man

judi and kayla

isaac and uncle derek

auntie bonnie (and every child in attendance) helped ryder unwrap his birthday gifts.

the bouncy house was a huge hit with the boys and there were plenty of headlocks and bodyslams to go around.

isaac and carson

max knows suplex

auntie allie and the birthday boy

somebody does not like to share the snowmen

cousin avery saw the taking of a picture and decided to jump in and smile.

"soren, when you hit two maybe your mom and dad will hook you up with one of these amazing lemons."

isaac and hayden

micheal and rhiannon enjoy the cupcakes

sawyer has some big news

the balloons were a big hit (and so was gaga)

autumn and juliana showing off their mad coloring skills

after all the friends were gone ryder set up his own manger scene. finally some time alone.

isaac went through many of ryder's toys.

while ryder slept isaac headed to the forum and ran into the regiers. they let isaac crash their carriage ride, making his day.

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