Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

last weekend part 1

isaac has been really doing well with the adjustment to a new little brother in the family. however, we have noticed that isaac has needed a little extra attention with all that has gone on. as a little girl my mom used to tell me that she would love to give us extra "holdies" if we just let her know that we needed them. it was her way of helping us ask for attention rather than acting out in order to get it. we have been telling isaac the same thing and have found him asking to be held a lot. we decided he needed a night out with mom and dad and so that's exactly what we did. my mom watched asher and my aunt played with ryder while we headed to the sea aquarium and then to "ice cream" also known as swirls. it was a great night for all!

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Amy said...

What an awesome idea to take him on a Mom and Dad date. Way to go, yall! I bet Isaac felt so loved.


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