Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

daddy went to camp

of course the night before stew left for winter camp isaac fell on his face pretty hard and ended up with an enormous fat lip and chipped tooth. i was a little nervous going into the weekend, knowing i would be up in the night with asher and uncertain if isaac was going to be ok with his busted mouth, but motrin came through. thanks to the help of our fabulous families it was a great weekend... time with grandma chris(i got out without the 2 older ones), a birthday party, time with gaga and sea world with aunt bonnie.

my friend mary is amazing with her cupcakes! she is also super affordable if you need someone.
ken, nolan, amanda and dylan

isaac and the birthday boy climbing all over!
i turned around and this is what i saw. i love that this child LOVES life! he walks into almost any situation and makes a friend. what a treat to be his mom.

gaga came over on saturday and played a lot. she watched asher while i took the boys to the party. it's funny how two feels like a breeze compared to taking all three.
aunt bonnie came down on sunday and we hit sea world. the boys have to hold on to their spot on the stroller or they have to be in their seat. it's our new way of traveling since i am way out numbered. ryder is so great at holding on! at one point i got in the way of ryder and he went down. my aunt didn't notice as she kept pushing. poor ryder was still holding on, determined to not be put into his seat. i LOVE his determination in life. he will not be pushed around!

ryder was thrilled to see the penguin until he got up close.

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hellothisisanna said...

That's such a great idea about holing onto their spot on the stroller. Definitely going to put that to use when our #3 comes! (I might be hitting you up for more tips with 3 boys.. watch out) :)


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