Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, February 19, 2012

newlywed game takes north county

a few days before valentine's, we joined some friends for a  "newlywed game" party.  paige and frank hosted a lovely evening of fun!  after we hung out, eating the men's favorite appetizers(lots of chips and dips!)and drinking the women's favorite drinks, the men went with paige and the gals with frank.  everyone was given a game board to record their answers.  there were 11 questions that we had to know about our spouse and/or what our spouse would say about us.  too much fun!  we howled once we all got back together to go through our answers(i might have falsely answered about my ideal romantic date/dinner.   i thought i would like an expensive dinner, but stew was right, i would usually prefer a low key evening at the beach.  to my credit, i am not a big romantic.  the word romantic just throws me off.   stew is still talking about the fact that he knows me better than i know myself.) and yes, they kept score!  melissa and andy(close call with the huffys) won first place while eric and karen took the hard earned last - both walking away with prizes.  way to go teams!  thank you frank and paige!

there was a candy bar that was full of my favorites!   

true to form!

 answer sheets.  see if you can't guess the questions.

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