Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, February 26, 2012

a little party of sorts

we celebrated valentines with a few friends at a local park.  it was low key and just enough that our boys felt like they had been to a party.  isaac continues to greet us with "happy valentine's day!"

i didn't even keep track of all the sugar he consumed.  let's just say i rarely saw him without something in his mouth. 

isaac had a little cookie with his sprinkles. 

after many had left, we tried a group photo.  it's totally funny to watch the moms organize the kids and jump around for a smile.  i am sure when they're older it will be great to look back.  who am i kidding, i always love when all the moms rally to get the kids to sit and smile(as if it's even a possibility).

asher skipped the party to play with gaga (thanks, mom!).  crazy how much easier it is when i am not CHASING a one year old all over God's green earth!

we are currently planning a little easter party and hope to have all our local friends there.  if you are interested in joining in the fun, shoot me an email so i can get you the info.  the more the merrier!  here's a little glimpse at last year's easter party.  hope to have all there! 

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parsonsfamily said...

LOVE those pics, not to mention the party!! Can't wait for are amazing and always bring the FUN!


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