Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

happy 30th!

so many great things to say about this night... eric(winning countless good husband points) planned an amazing surprise party for his beautiful wife!  she was totally surprised and he worked so hard to pull it off.  i was even teary eyed as she walked into the crowd of friends.  i love when we take time in life to celebrate the people that we love.  happy birthday karen!  i am so glad jessie set us up on our blind-friend date.  your friendship has been such a gift.  thank you!

so sad to say goodbye to jessie!  the bay area is getting an amazing woman.  i am really going to miss sitting at happy hour until super late, chatting with this sweet friend.  jessie has the kindest heart, truly caring for others and totally honest about life.  i will miss you!
i must add, the dancing was a serious highlight... good friends, fun music and no children needing our care!  we might need to have a dj at every party;)

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