Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, April 22, 2012

one fish two fish red fish blue fish

a little over a week ago i was up way too early, reading a perfect pet for peyton to the boys.  clearly i wasn't rested since i suggested we get a fish(if you know me you know i am NOT a pet lover) by the end of the book.  of course they jumped on that and spent the rest of the morning planning our soon to be adventure.  that afternoon, my mom watched asher as we picked out our new fish. 

 the gal at the store told ryder he might want to pick out a more healthy looking fish(this should've been my first clue to stay away from goldfish!) and so we ended up with these two. 

the big plunge

isaac named his buzz and ryder named his nemo.
by the following morning nemo was "resting" and stew was off to petco for a replacement.  upon his return he looked in the bowl and informed me that buzz was now "resting" as well.  we decided to tell the boys their fish didn't live and needed to be flushed to the ocean.  they were a bit sad, but quickly recovered at the thought of their fish joining the other sharks and dolphins in the ocean.  we  convinced the boys a betta fish might be a great addition to the family.  
introducing buzz nemo! 

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