Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, August 25, 2012

pre-birthday celebrating

 isaac turned 5 on august 14th, but we started the celebrating a few days early.  this year we talked isaac into forgoing on presents from friends(this child does not NEED one more thing!).  he agreed to the idea once we said he could still receive gifts from his family.  he had a few things that he truly wanted and flippers were on the top of the list.  turns out that those things were sold out EVERYWHERE!  i finally located some at a pool shop on el camino.  he was thrilled!

 we did a little pre birthday celebrating with aunt beth, papa alan and grandma chris.

 i'd feel bad about my husband jumping into all these family shots, but then again, they raised him:)

 the night before the big boy turned 5 we headed to gaga and papa's for another night of celebrating!  we know how to squeeze every last meal out of these birthday celebrations.

 happy birthday sweet boy!
 what's the fun in birthday candles without a brother to join you in the wish making?!

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