Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Monday, August 13, 2012

summer summer summer time

 the pool has become an almost everyday ritual.  sad but true, asher is rarely included in our pool time.  we usually throw that character in his bed for a nap and then rush off to the water(before you judge, i can see our place from the pool).  sorry asher, you're a lot of work around the water!  and by a lot of work, you think you can swim.  i try to tell you what you're doing is drowning.  you seem to like the rush.  i do not.  next year we'll be introducing you to mr. john;)

anne came to visit!!  asher loved anne and the other two loved showing off.  it's crazy that anne used to be a student in our old ministry up in menlo and now she is a college grad, working at facebook.  did you guys know that the facebook employees get to eat every meal there for free?!  i am considering applying. 
this child has me laughing most(some of the time i want to hit a mute button on this child!  he does not know the word quiet!) of the time.  
aunt bethy had the idea of a beach day.  brilliant!  ryder collected crabs while isaac dug in the dirt and spelled names in the sand.

 i will say having boys 16 months apart has a lot of challenges(especially in the beginning), but it sure does pay off as they get older.
 asher and finn are seriously a riot together.  love that asher has a little friend of his own! 

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