Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Thursday, November 8, 2012


isaac had his first post op appointment on halloween at 2pm.  things were running behind schedule and we ended up not getting home until 5pm.  i should probably mention that i might have been a bit crazy at isaac's appointment(stew confirmed it). as the nurse was cutting the stitches out of his lip, i repeatedly screamed STOP!  she was cutting his skin as she was attempting to remove the stitches. i was starting to think they sent the rookie nurse in to deal with my precious child.  that will be the last post op i attend for some time.  clearly the mama bear in me might need to hang back and let stew handle those things.   

our friends that we used to call neighbors, were sweet enough to meet over at our place to do a quick run through our new neighborhood. the boys hit up a few houses for candy and life seemed almost "normal".  i had missed normal.

asher RAN from house to house, keeping up with the big boys, collecting candy!  he's a rookie with the candy wrapper so he just chewed right through that thing.

ryder and gaga made this pumpkin that sat on our front step with pride.

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