Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, October 13, 2012

apple picking

 friday(yesterday) we headed to julian for some apple picking.  we bought these living social deals that gave us two bags of apples(seriously the smallest apples i've ever seen!) for $5 each and you know we weren't about to let that deal expire.  our boys were thrilled to be leaving the house and so was i!!  we actually truly enjoyed the drive out there.  the drive was over an hour so the boys got to bust out the portable dvd player(always a treat in our family) and stew and i actually got to chat.  it was fabulous until we heard, "i have to go poop."  true to form, ryder had to go to the bathroom in the middle of nowhere.  i knew he couldn't wait so i  insisted stew pull over and let him poop on the side of the road.  i'll save you the details, but stew and i were laughing so hard, we were crying!  i did take a picture of what we left on the rode to julian, but i'll save you that as well.

after 30 minutes of picking apples, we jumped in the car to head home.  we just missed the rain!  the boys were fine skipping all the fun in julian(avoiding germs) for a cup of hot chocolate to go.

asher just loves being one of the boys!
that's just about right!

 our life is so crazy sometimes, but it's days like these that i remember how good that crazy is.

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