Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, April 28, 2013

2 months

You are a smiler! You grin ear to ear when I talk in my high pitch voice and smile at you. I can't get enough. You still have bad gas and I can't figure what else to do. You continue to let your brothers love on you with their endless holdings, kisses and sometimes licks. The brothers are still super proud if you and often declare, "this is our baby Noah!" I love how much they love you. I often let them hold you even when you're screaming and crying. I think they like to be the ones to comfort you. You sit through story/song/prayer time at night. You're one of the crew now. We have ventured to legoland, the park and even church with you. You are proving to have a go with the flow personality at this stage(minus all the crying from gas). I can't remember life without you and I am so glad you're in this family.

itried to get a good photo of the brothers for the 2 month mark.  this is what i got...

proving we'll never be that family that looks like we've got it all together.  
here's to boys and keeping me humble!

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