Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Monday, April 29, 2013

doing this thing with 4

life with 4 is very different than life with 3!  at least it is for me.  we are finally out f the really crazy beginning stage and into the normal crazy phase.  i am assuming that life is never going to be easy, but it's already starting to get easier.  here's a few things that have been keeping us moving.  

celebrated finn's 2nd birthday!  

dinner at elevation burger before it becomes pure burger.

got back in the pool to see who could swim and who couldn't.  asher will be meeting mr. john very soon!

sprinklers have made their way out!
 this guy is happier and happier! and not a minute too soon.

another trip to legoland

had some vomit and the other stuff hit our older three.  it actually wasn't that bad.  i am comparing it to last year when we all had it and multiple times!!

stew slept like this in order to keep isaac from bringing his vomit into our room:)

took this guy on a date to costco. we walked in with our food and he sat right down and ate right there.  once he finished, he stood up and said, "we should buy this!"  love isaac and his love for life. 

 lots of bug hunting.  i mean HOURS!
my sweet baby caught his first cold, but no RSV!!  

celebrated daniel's 5th birthday!  you know it's a good party when the birthday boy's grandpa jumps in the jacuzzi to save a child;) and when all the kids get their own cotton candy.  heaven.

 more jumping!

we made our way back to sunday morning church.  asher even shared his jesus loves me sticker with noah.  this poor baby is usually covered with stickers!  

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