Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, July 13, 2013

father's day

 we kicked off father's day weekend with a trip to legoland to see the star wars ship exhibit(pretty sure there's a more accurate title for this thing, but i have no clue.) the men in our family were thrilled and i was happy to see them happy:)
 the boys each colored a frame for their dad.  asher made one that could be from him and noah.

saturday stew took some time to himself while the boys got to go to their friend's robot birthday party!

father's day morning!

i married the greatest man and because of it, my boys get to have the most amazing dad.  this man is relentless in his playing with these boys.  he does legos at ungodly times of the morning,  jumps on the trampoline when he'd rather be sitting and does the night time routine(why does this seem to be the hardest part of the day?) almost every night.  i am always surprised that he's grateful to come home to our loud(and often times grumpy) and messy home.  babe, i am so grateful you're my closest friend and the one our kids call dad! we love you... a lot!
and then we ran over to papa's house to say happy father's day!

 on father's day we had both of our dads and the mcduffie gals over to celebrate!  it was low key and fun.

 oh the sweet reality of our family.

oh how i love this crew!

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