Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Thursday, July 18, 2013

the good stuff

 summer is our time.  our time to do whatever we want without a schedule!  my personality loves summer and it's freedom.  it's not as easy to get around with 4 but we've made it work and i can honestly say it's not as hard as i anticipated.  much to my surprise, this summer has shaped up to be pretty dang great.  there's nothing like a lot of sun and a lot of water.  i was made for this kind of living:)

 a typical morning in our house looks a lot like this... yep, that's an empty butter box on the ground.  just noticed that. 

 asher(over a year ago) wearing my favorite shirt ...
 noah now wears it...
 asher has become a full on jumper/swimmer! 

 ryder has found a new love for diving.  reminding him we only dive into the deep end has become my new found task. 

 scuba steve continues to make an appearance.  i seriously can't get enough of these fins and goggles!

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