Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, December 1, 2013

let the christmas season begin

 we set out to get our tree the friday after thanksgiving!  we hit up the local home depot  tree lot and grabbed our new home decoration!  just to let you know how crazy i am... we had left noah at home with my aunt so as to keep life easier.  we got to about a mile from our place and i had stew turn around to grab noah.  i realize noah won't remember it, but i am crazy and felt guilty for leaving him out.  fortunately my aunt was up for the trip and helped wrangle little people.  

 in years past we have spent friday after thanksgiving at the forum christmas tree lighting, but this year we decided to change our plans and decorate our own tree and enjoy our own lighting.  there goes one more tradition we decided to change or put on hold :)

 isaac joined us for a little(his wasn't so little)lunch with my great aunt beede.  he LOVED it!  he had two meals and two desserts!  
these two hit it off, showing each other their art work.  please note the tie that he put on to be fancy. 
 that night we decided to go see the christmas tree at the forum with all the "snow."  turns out asher HATES fake snow.  yes, this is an awful picture of us, but seriously captured the reality! life is tough when you're two!

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