Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Thursday, December 19, 2013

ryder turns 5!

 our ryder is FIVE!!  how did this happen?  i keep teasing him, telling him he's not allowed to turn five and he promptly throws back, "YES!"  it's become a little game though i truly can't believe it's real. 

his day was spent digging, playing with friends and bowling! 

there was probably some bug hunting in there!

5th birthday meant he invited 5 friends bowling!  first time on the lanes for all the little guys... success! 
this is how most of our family shots look.

thank goodness for ramps and bumpers!



ryder,  you are a thinker.  you keep me on my toes and have a lot of really good questions.  some i simply do not know the answers to.  you are very interested in fairness.  you check to make sure the amount of food you are given is even and if not, did you get the most.  you tell us you want to be a scientist when you grow up and you will be amazing at that!  i think you might want to consider being a lawyer.  pretty sure you'd rock that job like nobody's business.  you always know the right questions to ask and you keep me out of trouble;)  
you love your brothers with an intense love.  you want to make sure no one is left behind.  this year isaac started kindergarten and was sad to miss out on our daily adventures.  you and i chatted and we decided we would keep them to ourselves as to not hurt isaac's feelings.  at one point he asked you what you did and you froze.  you didn't want to lie, but you didn't want to hurt his feelings.  i think i remember you saying, "what should i say?"  i love that about you.   you are also kind and gentle with baby noah.  you talk to him in the most sweet voice and bring him toys when he's sad.  you love to comfort him and often let me know if he needs me.  you and asher love to sit next to each other at the end of the couch, sharing a pillow and watching a show.  you two don't love to watch shows as much as you love to come up with games like launching yourself off the couch. 
ryder, you broke your arm this past october at a birthday party.  i heard it happen.  i was sad to see you scared and in pain, but you were brave.  
i love your persistence in life and the way you continue to remind us that you never give up!  gaga taught you that little slogan and you tell it to me often.  that can be hard when i want you to go back to bed in the middle of the night and you are up looking for something you lost.  fortunately those times are far outweighed by the times you work hard to complete something you want to do.  your legos are a favorite for you and you are amazingly good with them.  you need very little help.  you can follow directions better than me!  your daddy has helped you master this skill and together you guys build for hours.  
we are so grateful for you and the things you are teaching our family.  i love you and love getting to be your mommy.  may you always be brave and persistent.  

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