Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


last night as we were heading to bed we found isaac had climbed into ryder's crib. please note that isaac also grabbed a picture of stew and i(in the frame between them) to take with him. i could just eat these two up and a lot of the time i do!

today was isaac's first day at preschool, well kind of. he actually went to this same preschool last spring for about 3 months and loved it. my aunt has very generously offered to put him back at mira costa college development center and he loves it there. he has two of the same teachers and they both are amazing and VERY patient! i can't speak enough good words about this school. it's not as academic as it is play based and discovery oriented. it's the kind of school a VERY ACTIVE little three year old loves!

ryder wanted to be in these photos too. i love that he always wants to be included in whatever isaac has going on.

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