Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Sunday, November 20, 2011

first time in snow

the first weekend of november stew took the two older boys up to forest home for the all church retreat.   this was the boys second time and this trip was MUCH BETTER than thefirst visit up to forest home!  they saw snow(didn't plan for this part.  please note our kids were in jeans and boots that stew stopped to pick up at target on the way up.) for the first time(i was sad to not be there for that), they slept through the night(kind of), and played!  stew was exhausted but said it was worth it(i think he said that,  but i could be making that part up.  ha!).  here's a glimpse via ed murphy's photos(thanks, ed!)...

this one makes me laugh.  can you tell that he didn't get much sleep and spent 24 hours wrangling two children all alone?!  love this!  you're a good man, little!

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