Montgomery party of six

Montgomery party of six

Saturday, November 5, 2011

toy story debut

the saturday before halloween, tracy and amanda hosted and AMAZING halloween party for families!  games, prizes, food and a good game of hide and seek(ok, so only our kids were playing that with us).  thank you girls for a great night!
cowboys and the charger;)
our little cowboys

ken gets serious props!  

buzz and jessie
getting ready for a group photo.

please note the sequence of baby asher pulling poor brayden's hair...

beiber's biggest fan! (i have to find a picture of justin to add here) 

some people bob for apples while ryder just eats them.

super heroes! (please check out justin beiber on the back left) 

halloween parade--- let the craziness continue...

an attempted group photo.  some of the kids made the shot and many didn't.  what's new.

funny guy.

i cannot look  at these pictures of brayden without laughing!

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parsonsfamily said...

What awesome looking back at such a great night.


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